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China High quality lamination machine#coating machine








lamination machine/coating machine
Wenzhou Yiran Import & Export Co., Ltd


Manufacturer/Factory/Supplier in China


YIRAN has a long history of producing high-quality machines that are widely used in the industry.

Lamination machine manufacturer supplier factory - Yiran machine is one of the most professional and advanced lamination machines in the world. 

Save time and money with a lamination machine;Perfectly coat and bond multiple pieces of paper together quickly and easily;Cut down on labor costs by automating the process;Create high-quality documents in minutes, not hours or days;No re-coating or sanding necessary.

Buy a laminator from the best China Lamination Machine factory.  We look forward to greater cooperation with overseas customers on the basis of mutual benefit, for more details, please feel free to contact us.



The types of Coating Machines


Coating machines are a vital part of many businesses, allowing for efficient coating and production cycles. With the various types on the market today such as drum coaters, belt coaters, slitter coaters and gravure coaters, it's important to select the correct type of coating machine for each application. The coating machine can be divided into two types - wet type and dry type. A wet-type coating machine is used when coating materials with a liquid coating while a dry-type coating machine is used when coating materials with a powder coating. Each type excels in different applications and it is important to understand which will fit your needs best.


Pp Woven Sack Lamination Machine


PP woven sack lamination machines are a great choice for coating PP sacks quickly and cost-effectively. The machine's advanced production line is incredibly easy to operate, requiring only minimal labor costs, yet the resulting product is of an extremely high quality. As such, this type of coating machine has tremendous potential in the market and can lead to greater efficiency and savings over time. With its simple weaving process, using a PP woven sack lamination machine can bring businesses various economical benefits.


Dia. of screw (mm) 90 L/D ratio of screw 28:1 No. of die 2 Width of die1000
Gross power (Kw) 71 Motor power of extruder (Kw) 15 Max. coating width (mm) 750
Max. coating width (mm) 750 Speed (m/min) 50-120 Installing dimension (L×W×H) (mm) 14000×6000×3000
Weight (kg) 8000





What is the purpose of the lamination machine


Lamination machines are used in the printing and publishing industry to produce a variety of products, including leaflets, brochures, posters, and booklets. The machine uses a stack of sheets of paper that have been glued together along one edge. The machine then prints the stack one sheet at a time.


✔ Lamination machines are reliable and durable ✔ Lamination machines are easy to use and can be operated by a wide range of people with little or no experience.
✔ Lamination machines can save time and money by producing quality products quickly and without the need for skilled labor. ✔ Lamination machines are versatile and can be used to laminate a variety of materials
✔ Lamination machines produce high-quality laminated products  



Are you in the market for coating machines that are made to measure? Look no further than our factory in China! We offer a wide variety of coating machines, such as Multifunctional Lamination Machine, Lamination Machine for PP Woven Sack, Reverse Lamination Machine and High Speed Woven Bag Lamination Machine. Our coating machines can be adapted to your exact specifications and requirements, so you can rest assured that whatever coating machine you need, we can provide it. Stop settling for less – choose only the best with us!


Scope of application


The lamination machine coating machine is a multi-purpose coating solution that can produce an impressive range of substrates. This powder coating process provides a variety of coatings, including plastics, metals, and composites, making it an invaluable tool to many industries, most notably automotive, aerospace, and electrical. YIRAN’s line of coating machines have become highly sought after due to their efficiency and precision – machines which are designed to exceed the highest standards in terms of quality and performance required by these industries. With years of experience, our team can provide you with the best possible solution for your coating needs. Contact us today to learn more about our machines and how we can help you get the most from them.


Medical equipment Packaging

Medical equipment



Automobile industry Aerospace Electrical industries

Automobile industry


Electrical industries


Lamination Machine Price 


Lamination machines are a highly useful tool for businesses and coating organizations that need to protect documents, photographs, and other items. When it comes to choosing the right lamination machine, the price is an important factor to consider but so are the capabilities and features of each machine.

Whether you are looking for a small machine for your office or a larger one for a production line, it’s important that you weigh your options carefully in order to get the most out of your lamination machine purchase. Although machines can range from $20 up to thousands of dollars depending on size and specialty features, finding the one that best suits your needs will ensure you have access to high-quality coating results.For most businesses looking to purchase a reliable machine, they should expect to pay somewhere between $50-$2,000. 


Before you decide on the coating machine that is right for you, be sure to do your research. Not all coating machines are created equal, so compare customer feedback online and make sure to read up on reviews from different models and brands. Also take into consideration the variety of websites that can provide you with excellent deals that are within your budget. By taking the time to look into various options available and evaluating consumer response about different coating machines, you can identify which option is best for your needs.


Paper Lamination Machine Price


When looking for coating machines, cost is always a major factor in the decision making process. It can be difficult to gauge which price range will provide the greatest value for your needs. To help you make an informed decision, it is important to keep in mind that factprs such as the number of sheets that can be laminated at one time and the additional features that come with coating machines will impact their price.

Likewise, the brand and speed of coating machines also need to be taken into account when deciding what type of machine is best for your business. By understanding these components and looking closely at performance and functionality versus pricing, you can find a coating machine that meets all your needs without breaking the bank.


Laminate Pressing Machine Price



Choosing the right coating machine for your needs can be daunting, considering the range of brands, sizes and powers available to choose from. However, when picking a coating machine for any application, price is usually one of the most essential factors that must be considered. Different coating machines come with different price tags, ranging from basic entry-level models to more sophisticated premium versions featuring additional features and capabilities. Of course, if you’re looking to invest in a coating machine, it’s important to make sure that you’re getting what you pay for – a good balance between cost and quality should be achieved in order to get the most bang for your buck.


    About lamination machine:


    What is a lamination machine?

    lamination machine

    A lamination machine is a device that is used to apply a protective film or layer to a surface.


    The film or layer can be made from a variety of materials, including plastic, vinyl, and paper. Lamination machines are used to protect a variety of surfaces, including documents, photographs, and signs.


    A lamination machine is a device used to apply a thin film of plastic to a surface. Lamination machines are used in a variety of industries, including printing, packaging, and graphic design.


    There are two main types of lamination machines: hot lamination machines and cold lamination machines. Hot lamination machines use heat to melt the plastic and bond it to the surface. Cold lamination machines use pressure to bond the plastic to the surface.


    A lamination machine is a device that is used to apply a thin layer of plastic film to a surface. The film is usually applied to paper in order to create a protective or decorative coating. Lamination machines can be either manual or automatic, and they come in a variety of different sizes and shapes.


    A lamination machine is a device used to join two or more layers of material, usually by means of heat and pressure. Lamination machines range from small desktop models to large industrial machines.


    The most common type of lamination is thermal lamination, in which heat is applied to fuse the layers together. Other methods include pressure-sensitive lamination and solvent-based lamination.


    A lamination machine is a device used to attach two or more layers of material together.


    It can be used to create a variety of items, including business cards, posters, and signs. The lamination process protects the material from wear and tear, and also makes it more durable.


    A lamination machine is a piece of office equipment that is used to attach a cover sheet to a stack of papers.


    The cover sheet is usually made of plastic and it helps to protect the papers from damage. Lamination machines come in a variety of sizes, and they can be used to laminate both small and large documents.


    Where to buy a lamination machine?


    Wenzhou Yiran Import & Export Co., Ltd. is based in Wenzhou, China,with more than 15 years experiences of plastic machinery that offers machines to clients at reasonable prices and best service. 


    Expansion of the infrastructure by installing latest machines for printing, slitting, packing along with continuous development keeps us at the forefront of the industry. We are a technology advanced and customer led company, focused to meet clients expectations by offering exact products as per their requirements.

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