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What are the Main Application Fields of Plastic Yarn Extruder


What are the Main Application Fields of Plastic Yarn Extruder


The main application fields of plastic yarn extruder are:


- Textile industry: for the production of various synthetic fibers, such as polyester, nylon, acrylic, etc.


- Packaging industry: for the production of plastic bags, shrink wrap film, etc.


- Construction industry: for the production of pipes, profiles, etc.


Extrusion is a process used to create objects of a fixed cross-sectional profile. A plastic yarn extruder is a machine that extrudes plastic yarns.


The main application fields of plastic yarn extruder are:


- Manufacturing of Pipe and Tube.


- Manufacturing of Profile and Sheet.


- Manufacturing of Wire and Cable.


- Manufacturing of Film and Fiber.


The plastic yarn extruder is mainly used in the field of textile industry, such as carpet, non-woven fabric, woven fabric and so on. In addition, it can also be used in other fields, such as toys, packaging and so on.





What is the production process of plastic yarn extruder


The production process of  plastic yarn extruder is as follows:


1. The raw material (polypropylene) is first melted and then extruded through a die.


2. The molten polymer is then cooled to form a solid strand.


3. The solid strand is then drawn through a set of rollers to achieve the desired yarn count or thickness.


4. Finally, the yarn is wound onto a spool or cone for storage or further processing.


A plastic yarn extruder is a machine used to spin raw wool or other fiber into yarn. The process of spinning yarn from fiber uses a number of steps, including carding, drawing, spinning, and finishing.


Carding: The first step in the process is to open up the fibers and align them in a parallel fashion. This is done with a carding machine, which consists of two sets of metal cylinders covered in fine wire teeth. The wool or other fiber is fed into the machine and comes out the other end as a continuous strand of aligned fibers called a sliver.


Drawing: The next step is to stretch (or draw) the sliver to further align the fibers and reduce thickness. This is done with a drawing frame, which has several rollers that pull the sliver through while stretching it.


Spinning: Once the fibers are drawn, they are ready to be spun into yarn on a spinning frame. The spinning frame has two main parts - the flyer (which twists the fibers) and the bobbin (which wraps the twisted fibers around itself).


Features of plastic yarn extruder


Plastic yarn extruder is a kind of textile machine which is mainly used for the production of plastic textiles. The main feature of this machine is that it can produce a variety of plastic yarns with different colors, sizes and shapes.


The most common type of plastic yarn extruder is the rotary type, which can be divided into two types: single screw and twin screw. The single screw type is mainly used for the production of synthetic fibers, while the twin screw type is mainly used for the production of natural fibers such as cotton and wool.


The plastic yarn extruder is a machine that coverts plastic pellets or granules into plastic yarns of various diameters. The main features of the machine are as follows:


1. It can produce both single and multi-filament plastic yarns.


2. The filament count, denier and other properties of the yarn can be adjusted by changing the spinning parameters.


3. The machine is equipped with an automatic doffing device to improve production efficiency.


4. It has a wide range of applications and can be used to produce synthetic leather, carpet backing, fishing nets, etc.


Plastic extruders are machines used in the textile industry to produce plastic yarns and fabrics. There are two types of plastic extruders: those that use pre-formed pellets of thermoplastic material, and those that use a plastic melt spun process. The type of machine used will depend on the end product being produced.


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