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China Plastic yarn extruder supplier






Plastic yarn extruder

Plastic yarn extruder
Wenzhou Yiran Import & Export Co., Ltd


Manufacturer/Factory/Supplier in China


YIRAN has a long history of producing high-quality machines that are widely used in the industry.

Plastic yarn extruder manufacturer supplier factory - Yiran machine is one of the most professional and advanced Plastic yarn extruder in the world. 

The plastic yarn extruder is a machine that can extrude plastic filaments from a variety of materials. It is commonly used to make objects such as flexible pipes and other parts that require flexibility and strength.A yarn plastic extruder is an important machine in the production of yarn. It is used to produce a variety of different types of yarn, including polyester and other synthetic fibers.

The plastic yarn extruder is a machine that can be used to produce plastic yarn. This machine is able to make plastic yarn from various types of plastic materials, including polyethylene, polypropylene, and polystyrene. The plastic yarn produced by the extruder can be used in a variety of applications, including textile manufacturing, engineering plastics, and automotive components.



The types of Plastic yarn extruder


The types of Plastic yarn extruder include: screw, gear, cylinder and V-belt type. Screw extrusion is the most common type in use today because it is simple and easy to operate. Gear extrusion is a newer type that is more efficient but requires more maintenance. Cylinder and V-belt extruders are less common but offer greater flexibility in terms of the materials that can be processed.For more information continue reading below:


High-Speed Flat Yarn Production Line


A high-speed flat yarn production line can greatly increase the output of a textile factory. This type of line is able to produce large quantities of yarn quickly and efficiently, which can help businesses save time and money. The high-speed flat yarn production line also helps to ensure quality control, which is important for businesses that want to remain competitive.

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Model PL-SPL-80/33/800  PL-SPL-90/33/1000 PL-SPL-110/30/1200
Max. Output (kg/h)    200    280    380   
Dia. of screw (mm)    80    90    110   
Width of die (mm)    800    1000    1200    1500



High-Speed Flat Yarn Extrusion Machine for PP Yarn


This high-speed flat yarn extrusion machine is designed for producing PP flat yarn. It has a maximum spinning speed of 350 meters per minute and a width coverage of 120 meters. This machine is easy to operate and has a built-in controller that allows for precise control of the extrusion process.The high-speed flat yarn extrusion machine is a new type of extrusion machine that can extrude PP yarn at high speed. This machine has many advantages, including low production costs, low energy consumption, and high output.


 Model Width of die(mm) Heating power of extruder (Kw)
PL-FS110/800B 800 36
PL-FS120/1000B 1000 43
PL-FS120/1200B 1200



Cam Winding Machine


The Cam Winding Machine is a machine that helps wind yarn on a spindle. It is commonly used in knitting and crochet, and it is also used in other types of crafts. The Cam Winding Machine is made up of two parts: the cam and the drive. The cam rotates around the spindle while the drive raises and lowers the yarn. This allows the yarn to be wound onto the spindle in a consistent manner.


 Model Width of die(mm) Heating power of extruder (Kw)
PL-FS140/1600B 1600 77
PL-FS140/1800B 1800 77
PL-FS140/2000B 2000




What is the advantages of the Yarn Plastic extruder


The benefits of using a yarn plastic extruder over traditional extruders are numerous. For one, yarn plastic extruders are more efficient and produce finer product. Additionally, they’re easier to operate, making them ideal for small businesses or production runs. Finally, yarn plastic extruders are eco-friendly, as they don’t require any heat or pressure to operate.


Create your own custom yarn colors,Easily create any size of yarn using this plastic yarn extruder- even thick, heavy yarns!

Use any type of plastic for the extruder,Creates yarn from plastic bottles, PET, PVC or other tough plastics.

No need for a drill or any other tools,No need for a hot water bath or excess heat - the extruder heats up quickly and easily.

Create a variety of shapes and sizes,Create your own custom colors and patterns with the variety of available materials.

Fun and easy to use,Keep your tools clean with this easy-to-use extruder- no need to scrub them clean after each use.


The advantages of the yarn plastic extruder are many. It is a versatile tool that can produce a variety of shapes and sizes of plastic parts. It is also a fast and easy tool to use, making it perfect for small batch manufacturing. Additionally, the extruder can be easily customized to meet specific needs, making it an ideal choice for production lines with multiple products. Lastly, the extruder is a reliable tool that can be trusted to produce high-quality parts time and time again.



Application field of plastic yarn extruder


The application field of plastic yarn extruder is very wide and it can extrude different types of plastics like PP, PS, PE, PVC, ABS and other kinds. The extruder is used to produce high quality plastic yarns with consistent diameter and length.There are many application fields for a plastic yarn extruder. Some of the most popular uses are in the manufacture of medical supplies, insulation, and pharmaceuticals.Plastic yarn extruders can be used to create a wide variety of products, including fabric, sheets, filament, and even 3D printing filaments. They have many applications in manufacturing, such as creating customized parts or fabrics for clothing and accessories.


Medical equipment Packaging

The manufacture of medical supplies

Insulation Materials


Automobile industry Aerospace Electrical industries


Fabrics for clothing 

Parts for accessories



Flat yarn


What is flat yarn? Flat yarn is a type of yarn that has no bumps or twists. This type of yarn is used for knitting and crocheting because it makes the fabric easier to work with. Flat yarn is also more affordable than other types of yarn, which makes it a good choice for beginners.Flat yarn is becoming more and more popular as it has many benefits over traditional yarn. One of the biggest benefits of flat yarn is that it can be made into a wide variety of products, such as fabric, yarn, and even crafts. Flat yarn also has a high speed rating, making it perfect for knitting and crochet.



Why Chose YIRAN - China Plastic yarn extruder supplier 


Looking for a reliable and affordable plastic yarn extruder supplier in China? Look no further than YIRAN! Our extruders are ideal for producing high quality plastic yarns that can be used in a variety of applications. Plus, we offer a wide range of customization options so you can get exactly the product you need. Contact us today to learn more about our extruders and how they can benefit your business.


China Plastic yarn extruder supplier - YIRAN is one of the leading plastic yarn extruders suppliers in China. With years of expertise and experience, we can provide you with high-quality plastic yarn extruders. We offer a wide range of plastic yarn extruders, including single-stage, double-stage, and multi-stage extruders. Our extruders are easy to operate and maintain, making them ideal for small businesses and entrepreneurs.



    Three things you should know about plastic shredders


    With the change of life and the improvement of the quality of life, as far as I know, a lot of energy is used now, but some waste cannot be avoided, but some garbage can be processed and utilized, such as our common plastic, which can be processed Reuse, which uses our plastic shredder. So what you should know about plastic shredders is as follows:


    The role of plastic shredder


    The function of the plastic shredder refers to the leftover material after the product is injected through the injection molding machine mold, which we call the nozzle material. It smashes the plastic particles online, recycles them immediately in 30 seconds, does not change the physical properties, etc., and automatically mixes with the raw materials in proportion to completely It can be used as new material, and the whole process of crushing and recycling is the reuse of plastic.


    Plastic shredder use


    Plastic shredder refers to shredding all kinds of plastics and rubber, such as plastic profiles, pipes, rods, threads, films, waste rubber products. Pellets can be directly extruded as raw materials for production.


    Crusher use: suitable for crushing and recycling PP, PVC, PC, ABC and other soft and hard material nozzle materials;


    Advantages of plastic shredders


    In the plastic crushing experiment, the influence of process parameters such as rotational speed, feeding particle size, feeding rate and feeding port position on the plastic crushing effect was discussed. According to its structural characteristics and the description of plastic powder, combined with the impact characteristics of high frequency, high speed, high power and high strain rate of the powder in the pulverizer, it is proposed that the pulverization effect belongs to brittle fracture. The plastic crusher for crushing plastic materials, when the injection molding machine or the granulator produces raw materials, the defective products and nozzle materials produced can be put into the machine-side plastic crusher in time.


    The advantage of the "shredding ratio mixing and recycling system" formed by the plastic crusher and other auxiliary machines, dryers, dehumidifiers, refrigerators, mold temperature machines, etc. is that the water products are not polluted, resulting in the physical properties, strength, Hardness, color and gloss are protected from damage, so the quality of the product can be improved; the benefits include cost and material savings, automation improvements in process management, quasi-unmanned workshop movements, competitiveness and enhancement, and environmentally friendly manufacturing activities.


    Where to buy a plastic shredders?


    Wenzhou Yiran Import & Export Co., Ltd. is based in Wenzhou, China,with more than 15 years experiences of plastic machinery that offers machines to clients at reasonable prices and best service. 


    Expansion of the infrastructure by installing latest machines for printing, slitting, packing along with continuous development keeps us at the forefront of the industry. We are a technology advanced and customer led company, focused to meet clients expectations by offering exact products as per their requirements.

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