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What you should know about circular looms


What you should know about circular looms


Operation and maintenance


1. End weft sensor:

Clean the detector cover regularly (once every four hours). When the machine is running, make sure that the white light is always on. The detector is designed according to the principle of infrared rays. The dazzling light will affect the performance of the sensor. Try to stay near the machine as much as possible. Use only daylight bobbins, if the surface of the spindle is shiny, the detector may not work accurately, avoid using aluminum bobbins or black bobbins, black yarn will make the detector inoperable.


2. Weft breaking sensor:

During the normal operation of the circular loom, when the weft thread is broken due to external force, the sensor detects the signal and transmits it to the controller to control the circular loom to stop. If the weft thread is broken, the machine cannot automatically stop: Jog the machine, make the yarn guide tube of one of the shuttles run below the sensor, manually and quickly break the weft thread, so that the steel ball enters the detection range of the sensor, at this time, if the red indicator light of the sensor is not on, adjust the sensor position until the red indicator light is on or replace the sensor.


3. Main speed detection sensor:

During the normal operation of the machine, if the range of boosting the frequency conversion frequency is large, it may be that the sensor has missed the detection of the rotation of the main engine due to vibration. At this time, the position of the sensor needs to be adjusted so that the head of the sensor is aligned with the toothed plate. , and then observe to increase the frequency conversion frequency. If it beats within a small range, it is enough. If the effect cannot be achieved after several adjustments, replace the sensor.


4. Lift the detection sensor:

If the man-machine interface cannot accurately record the output, check whether the wiring is correct. If the wiring is correct, adjust the position of the sensor, run the machine, and observe whether the indicator light is flashing. If it does not flash, consider replacing the sensor.


working principle


1. The let-off mechanism of the circular loom - the warp creel and the let-off roller:


The warp creel is generally composed of steel pipe or section steel as the skeleton, and the support shaft and the backing plate for arranging and arranging the warp bobbins. Rotation. Passive let-off has no driving force, it is driven by the flat wire pulled by the host to rotate, which is suitable for flat wire with high linear density. Active let-off roller is also called automatic let-off roller.


2. Winding mechanism of circular loom - upper traction system and winder.


The upper traction system is driven by the host at the same time. It changes the weft density by the weft-changing gear, and is decelerated by the reducer. The woven fabric is pulled by a pair of flat rollers. The output woven fabric is wound into a roll by the winder. Motor, reducer and two-roller flat roll and roll cloth.


3. Electrical control system.


The electrical control system composed of electrical components mainly controls warp stop, weft stop, main engine start and stop, warp let-off system, winding system, circular loom with variable frequency speed regulation, and the control system has built-in frequency converter


To sum up, this article introduces the working principle of the circular loom and its operating system in detail. On the basis of helping you to understand the circular loom, you can better master the operation of the circular loom, improve the flat yarn technology, and improve the woven bag. the quality of.


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